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Everyone needs immunizations  during every stage of their life.  From the day we are born immunizations play a vital role in preventing serious diseases.  Immunizations help to prevent, disease such as the Flu, Measles and Pneumonia.  Not only does getting an immunizations protect the individual, but it also protects the community by preventing the spread of these serious diseases.

Here at Barnes-Kasson Hospital we encourage all individuals to follow CDC guidelines for immunizations.  Your Health affects our community, and immunizations play a vital role in keeping our community safe.  For more information on when you should have immunizations please click on the links below or your contact your physician. 

Immunization Schedule Birth to 6 Years            Immunization Schedule 7-18 years       Adult Immunization Schedule

To schedule an appointment for immunizations please contact our Family Health Clinic at 570-853-3114.



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