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Barnes Kasson Hospital continues to offer CoVID vaccine. Anyone age 18+ is eligible. If you want to get the CoVID vaccine, please follow the link to register for the vaccine. If you prefer to use phone scheduling, please call the hospital at (570) 853-3114. 


COVID Vaccination Update: 04/06/2021

Barnes Kasson Hospital continues to offer CoVID vaccine. We are currently servicing both 1A and 1B groups, and we are also scheduling group 1C for the very near future. So if you want to get the CoVID vaccine, please go to our website and follow the link to register for the vaccine. If you prefer to use phone scheduling, please call the hospital at (570) 853-3114. Groups 1A and 1B are being scheduled same day, or next day----there is minimal wait time to get the vaccine.

David Passetti
Exec VP/Vaccine Coordinator


COVID Vaccination Update: 02/18/2021

Many of you have seen or heard recently, from multiple media sources, about the shortage of CoVID vaccine available for second doses. Many clinics and hospitals are delaying the administration of second doses, due to lack of supply. First doses being administered has mostly ground to a halt. This is pretty much the same throughout Pennsylvania, as well as several other states. With that said, please know that if you had your first dose of CoVID vaccine at Barnes Kasson, your second dose is secure and will go on as scheduled. It is important that you adhere to the date/time on the Vaccination Record Card you received on the day of your first dose.

Overall supply of vaccine continues to be a problem. Despite weekly requests, we have not received any vaccine in quite some time, and we are not currently in a position to administer/schedule first doses. The Secretary of Health has made it clear, that this lack of supply for first doses may continue for 2-3 weeks. When there is adequate supply, we will again start scheduling first doses. We have our clinic staff constantly at the ready to administer vaccine as soon as it arrives. The staff has already administered 2600 doses of vaccine and will continue the aggressive administration plan immediately upon the arrival of adequate vaccine.

Thank you,

David Passetti
Executive VP
Clinical Operations Director/CoVID Vaccine Coordinator


COVID Vaccination Update: 01/20/2021

We know that there is significant interest among all Pennsylvanians about when they will be able to be vaccinated. As the Pennsylvania Department of Health and vaccination providers work to ensure that everyone who wants a CoVid vaccine can get it, we ask the public to have patience as the amount of vaccine available to Pennsylvania is extremely limited and it will take several more months before there is enough vaccine available for everyone.

While the vaccine supply remains limited, our goals are to prioritize vaccinating people to provide maximum community benefits and minimize harms caused by the virus. The PA Department of Health continues to monitor the situation and update the phased distribution plan accordingly. We understand that this can be stressful. Again, we ask for your patience and understanding as we all navigate through this unprecedented time together.

At this time, Barnes Kasson has over 1,500 names of eligible people on our intake list waiting for a call back to schedule a vaccination time. We have had to pause adding more people onto this list, as it will take us several months to return all of these calls and vaccine supply does remain limited.

We are excited that there is significant interest in getting the CoVid vaccination. As the vaccine supply becomes more robust, we will continue to expedite our mission of providing the vaccine to the community and update you as we have more information on how to register for a vaccine.

Barnes Kasson will continue to share information as frequently as possible.

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