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At Barnes-Kasson Hospital, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery. Barnes-Kasson provides nutritious meals that are prepared according to your doctor's orders.

Your meal may be delayed if you are scheduled for a special test or treatment. You will be served after your examination/test as soon as your physician approves your meal service.

You will receive menus to select your meals for the next day. Please mark your menu so it will be ready for pickup. If you have difficulty making menu selections, ask for help. We will be glad to give you a hand.

If you are on a special diet prescribed by your doctor, you will receive menus designed for your needs. Restricted or special diets are closely monitored. If you are interested in guidelines for home use, the dietary staff will be happy to assist you.

Guest Trays

If a family member or friend wants to eat in your room with you, the person may go to the cafeteria, buy a meal there, and take it back to your room. Guests are always welcome to eat in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Hours for Guests:

Lunch: 11:30AM - 1:00PM
Dinner: 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Vending Machines

Vending machines for snacks and beverages are located throughout the building for your convenience.


Color television sets are available in each room; however, they are for the use of all patients in the room. Your consideration of other patients is appreciated.


Telephones are provided in each room. Patients may receive calls in their rooms at any time. Local calls may be made at any time from the room by dialing 9 + the full 10 digit phone number (including area code). Long-distance toll calls can be made at any time by asking the nursing staff for assistance.

Your telephone extension is your patient room number

If you are in the ICU/CCU, your calls must go to the nurses' station at extension 276.



Mail is sorted and distributed daily. Please give the following information to anyone who may be writing to you:

Your Name
Your Room Number - Hospital OR Skilled Nursing Facility
Barnes-Kasson Hospital
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