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30 Years of Barnes-Kasson EMS


 Started in August 1991, Barnes– Kasson EMS has been serving Susquehanna County and Northern Wayne County for 30 years. A number of different types of ambulances have traveled our rural roads over the years. Today, BK EMS utilizes a 2017 Type II Ford Ambulance and a 2003 Ford Type III Ambulance. Both of these ambulances can transport patients. Soon to be in service is the 2007 Ford Expedition Medic Fly Car. The Fly Car allows the paramedic to meet area volunteer ambulance departments on scene to provide Advanced Life Support. 



PA Project Firstline, developed in partnership with the CDC, is an innovative project designed to promote foundational knowledge on infection prevention and control (IPC) for all types of frontline healthcare workers. PA Project Firstline activities will build Pennsylvania's healthcare workforce expertise in IPC and help to keep the healthcare community safe from infectious disease threats.

PA Project Firstline will reach healthcare workers in all healthcare settings including:

Outpatient Clinics
Dialysis Centers
Nursing Homes

For more information on PA Project Firstline visit the link: PA Project Firstline

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