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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital

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Our Dental Clinic offers a friendly and caring atmosphere.  Our dental staff are gentle, kind and patient, and willing to listen to the patient concerns.  Communication between staff, patients and families are a priority for us.  We strive to make each patient feel comfortable, giving them a positive dental experience.




Our Services...                                                                          We are in network with the following Insurances:                                

  • Examinations                                                                             * All Medicaid Plans                                     
  • Xrays - Digital Panorex                                                              * United Concordia                                   
  • General Dentistry                                                                       * Delta Dental                                   
  • Emergency Treatment                                                               * Metlife                            
  • Crowns, Bridges                                                                        * Cigna                        
  • Full Denture                                                                               * Guardian
  • Partial Dentures                                                               All other insurance carriers will be billed for your convenience.                                
  • Cosmetic Dentistry/bleaching                                             Financing is available for 0% interest up to 18 Months.                                              
  • Splints/Mouth Guards                                                                                                    
  • Medications/Supplies                                                                                     


We offer a Dental Charity Care Program to those who qualify.  Our Program is based on family income, and family size, along with income verification for said "Household".   All Clients need to reapply every January.  Not all services are eligible for DLCCP reduction. Dental Charity Care Program

 Covered DLLCP Services:                                            

  • Examination                                                                
  • X-rays                                                                                                     For additional information please contact:
  • Routine Dental Hygiene                                                                                            
  • Basic Restorative (Fillings)                                                                         Dental Office Manager/Dental Billing
  • Basic Oral Surgery                                                                                          Phone: 570-853-3135 Ext. 473 
  • Emergency Treatment                                                                                            
  • Root  Canal Treatment (Patients must be 21 years of age or under)                                                 





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