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When Thinking about all the different departments in a hospital, people tend to forget about the people behind the scenes that help with the day to day operations.  We all know that hospitals have nurses, doctors, lab techs and so on but we hardly eve take time to think about the administrative areas of a facility.  This quarter our departmental feature will take a look at one such department, Quality and Development.

 In healthcare quality is defined by the degree to which healthcare services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes. Quality is defined and measured with six attributes, safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equitability, and making sure care is patient centered. These are the areas that are looked at when completing a quality assurance measure for a facility.

Development in healthcare is defined by the degree to which one enhances or builds skills. This can further be broken down to mean staff development, in which educating staff to work toward better care, recognize safety concerns, enhance current skills, become more efficient and communicate better with patients and other staff. For the community it is recognizing the health needs or concerns of the community and educating them on how to enhance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quality and development go together as they work toward a common goal, to improve the outcome of patient experience, to develop a plan to enhance learning in both the facility and the community in which we live and develop a culture of awareness among employees and patients.

Here at Barnes-Kasson our Quality and Development department works to do all of these things. The department has a staff compliment of three employees, Joe Adornato RN (Quality and Development Director), Andy Napolitano (Quality and Development Coordinator), and Christina Deakin (Quality and Development Coordinator). This department reaches out to the community by attending community events, bringing education to the senior centers and senior high rises, provides staff training, completes various marketing duties, as well as analyzing data to solve issues and enhance staff effectiveness and patient’s experiences.

Quality and development seeks to work as a team with other areas of the facility to solve issues and provide opportunities for staff growth. It is important to listen to patient concerns and to think of ways in which we can improve not only our patients experiences but our own experiences here at the hospital.


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