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The physical therapy department of Barnes-Kasson Hospital is lead by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kevin Zarnowski. 

Kevin began his employment with Barnes-Kasson Hospital in 2001.  He has over sixteen years experience and expertise.  Kevin has been the department supervisor since January 2016. The department also consists of physical therapy assistants Jesse Santarelli and Heather Bronson.  Completing this department is office manager Bonnie Pulice.  Bonnie makes sure that the day to day operations of this department runs smoothly. 

The physical therapy department has been part of Barnes-Kasson Hospital for the past forty years.  Physical therapy provides many rehabilitation services for neuromuscular disorders, sports injuries, pediatrics, geriatrics and post operative rehab services for patients who have had knee, hip and shoulder surgeries.  Outpatient and inpatient services are offered at Barnes-Kasson, meaning patients can come from any facility as long as they are referred by a doctor.  It is a common misconception that physical therapy services at Barnes-Kasson are only available to patients of the facility which is simply not true.  They have many patients who have had surgery at different facilities, but seek services at Barnes-Kasson Hospital for their physical therapy needs.  The physical therapy department also accepts most insurance. 

One of the greatest services that is available through Barnes-Kasson Hospital is the swing bed service.  Swing bed is offered primarily for rehabilitation when extended care is needed after an acute care stay.  Other than PT, swing bed services are also available for IV antibiotics, respiratory care, and wound care.  Many patients who have had surgery at different facilities seek swing bed services at Barnes-Kasson for their post acute care needs.  While on swing bed status you will receive physical therapy at least twice a day. Swing bed services are billed differently than normal acute care stays and are unique to each individual case.

Whether receiving inpatient or outpatient services, the physical therapy department will stay in touch with the patient's doctor, and refer them back to the referring physician when services are completed.  When seeking outpatient services Barnes-Kasson will try their best to work around your schedule.  To schedule an appointment with the Physical Therapy Department please contact 570-853-4018.


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