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(Pictured Above L to R -Meghan Ragard, Jessica Franklin, Darlene Biniewicz, Christine Breese, & Lindsay Johnson.)

Medical laboratories play an important role in all healthcare facilities. Laboratory technicians assist doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing tests on tissue, blood, and other body fluids. They assist in the prevention and diagnosis of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Lab technicians typically work in hospital settings or doctors’ offices.

Barnes-Kasson Hospital’s laboratory is led by supervisor, Christine Breese. Chris has worked at the hospital for 35 years and has been the lab supervisor for about six years. The rest of the lab staff is comprised of the following technicians: Meghan Ragard, Darlene Biniewicz, Jessica Franklin, Shannon Williams, Ruth Adams, Beth Myers, and Lindsay Johnson.

Barnes-Kasson is dedicated to providing patients with quality care in a hometown, friendly environment, and the laboratory staff certainly sets a good example. They work hard to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible during a notoriously uncomfortable situation. Nobody likes to get stuck with a needle, but the laboratory staff does its best to put every patient at ease.






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