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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital

pin2872 Turnpike St  Susquehanna, PA 18847

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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital 
2872 Turnpike St
Susquehanna, PA 18847

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Phone: (570) 853-3135 
             (800) 323-2051 

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Family Health Clinic Locations

2872 Turnpike Street     
Susquehanna, PA 18847    
(570) 853-3114   

New Milford    
137 Delaware Street     
New Milford, PA 18834     
(570) 465-7330     

25059 State Route 11   
Hallstead, PA 18822    
(570) 879-8779     




Our patient portal is changing!

As of Thursday 8/19/21, our patient portal will be relocated to

While you may see some differences compared to what you are used to, your new portal offers an enhanced experience and ability to effectively manage your health with your provider.
Upon logging into your current portal via our hospital website or at you will be redirected to our new portal at to convert your account. If we have an email address on file for you, you will also receive an invite email after your next visit.

PLEASE NOTE: While the ability to message providers and other members your care team is a feature of My Care Corner, the providers may not utilize this method of communication unless they have otherwise noted to you that it will be a form of communication they prefer. 


Using the Email or Redirect from old portal:

1. From the email, click the link in the email. The MyCareCorner page is launched.

2. Click Continue. The Invitation Code screen is displayed. When launching directly from the email, your customized invitation code is automatically displayed in the boxes.

3. Click Submit. The Create Your MyCareCorner Account page is displayed.

4. If you already have a mycarecorner account created, enter your Email and Password and click Sign In. You may skip to step 10. Otherwise, click Create Account and proceed with step 5.

5. Enter your information in the fields provided: First Name, Last Name, Relationship, Sex, and Date of Birth.

6. In the Create Account fields, enter an email address and password using the fields provided: Email, Password, Confirm Password.

7. Enter the characters you see in the field provided.

8. Check the I agree to the Terms and Conditions box.

9. Click Create Account. A verification question may be displayed. If so, answer the question and click Submit. The Information Transfer page is displayed.

10. In the Select the record that MyPortal will be able to access field, use the drop-down list to select the record (or person's name) whose information is being transferred to MyCareCorner (see note below). IMPORTANT: If you do not see the correct person's name, click the Add record button to add the person to the drop-down list so that it can be selected.

[To add a record, click Add record. In the Create New Record screen, enter the First Name, Last Name, Relationship, Sex, and Date of Birth of the patient record you wish to add. Enter the characters and click Create. The new record is now an option in the drop-down list.]

11. Click Allow. The Access Approved screen is displayed. Click Home to go to the MyCareCorner patient portal home page. As the home page is displayed, a Your Data is Loading message is displayed. Once the message disappears, refresh your browser to ensure the health record data is displayed. If an Error Occurred while getting your data. Please talk to customer service message is displayed, contact your healthcare provider/facility.

Using the Printed Instructions

1. From your internet browser, enter the URL from the printed invitation into the browser window. The Welcome page is displayed.

2. Click Continue. The Invitation Code screen is displayed.

3. Enter the invitation code from your printed instructions.

4. Click Submit. The Create Your MyCareCorner Account page is displayed.

5. The remaining steps are the same as in the Using the Email section. See steps 4-11 above to complete the process.

As most Americans are aware, the Health Insurance Marketplace opened for public enrollment on October 1, 2013.  Since then, many improvements have been made to ease the application process for the health insurance options. 

There are four (4) main ways that a person can apply for Marketplace insurance coverage:  online, by telephone, by paper application, or in person with an assistant. Although the Marketplace website ( had start up problems, it is still the most real time method to shop for your own personal insurance and compare health plans. A person can create an account for the system, fill out the application, and obtain real-life, personal quotes for the various insurance plans and tax credits available.

To complete a telephone application, you can call 1-800-318-2596 where the Marketplace has customer service representatives to work with you to complete the application and enrollment process. Paper applications are also available by calling the number above. A PDF version of the paper application was added to the Marketplace website, so it can also be printed from there.

But here at Barnes-Kasson Hospital, we realize many people don’t feel comfortable using technology or have the technology available to use. We have trained staff members that are certified as application counselors to assist you in the application process. Our counselors will provide one on one assistance to complete your application or assist you with an ongoing application. 

To schedule an appointment or ask general questions about the application process please contact:

Irene Roe                                                                                    
Certified Application Counselor                                                   
570-853-3135 Ext. 522                                                                
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                           


At Barnes-Kasson there are two different ways to view/retrieve your medical records.




If you would like paper copies or a CD of your full Medical Records, please fill out the Authorization form below,
print, and bring it to our Medical Records department. The Authorization form may be faxed but needs to be accompanied by a photo id and signature match, such as a driver's license.  The first copy of your records will be free but there is a charge for additional copies.                                 


                    Fees are as follows:  Pages 1-20 $1.70, over this records are not able to be faxed.
                                                  Pages 21- 60 $1.26
                                                  Pages 61-end $0.44   

                    CLICK HERE for the Authorization to release Medical Records

2Our Patient Portal provides information such as patient demographics, problems, medications, medication allergies, laboratory tests, laboratory values/results, vital signs, care plans including goals and instructions, procedures and care team members. In addition, encounter diagnoses, immunizations, referral reasons and discharge instructions may be available.

                      CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on logging into our current Patient Portal.

                ***Please note at this time, you must have provided us with an email address at registration to a visit to receive the portal invite, which will be sent to your email address after your visit. **


We realize that the clear exchange of information between patient and provider is essential to providing quality care. We provide all of our patients with qualified interpreters for languages other than English and for American Sign Language (ASL).

If at any time you need a professional non-English spoken or sign language interpreter, just ask and interpretation services will be provided.

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