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     The Family Health Clinic of Barnes-Kasson Hospital is pleased to feature Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Michael S. Ashman as this quarter’s Provider Spotlight. He has been employed at Barnes-Kasson since 2008 and treats patients of all ages who suffer from various skin conditions as well as diseases of the hair and nails. Whether it is common cases of acne or psoriasis, or more complex issues involving skin cancer, Dr. Ashman is able to treat a wide variety of conditions.
     Dr. Ashman grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He originally attended Harvard University as a literature major, and later attended Temple University in Philadelphia for pre-med. He worked as a nurse in Philadelphia and completed his medical school requirements while working as an intern at Temple. In the early 1970’s he joined the Air Force and worked stateside for the Medical Corps. It was during his time in the Air Force that he took an exceptional liking to dermatology after being involved in an unusual case where a soldier developed a rare fungus of the skin. Dr. Ashman went on to become a Board Certified Dermatologist in 1975 after attending Northwestern University in Chicago.
     Dr. Ashman currently resides in Windsor, NY with his wife and two cats. He is the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren. He enjoys exercising and is an avid painter and abstract artist. He has an art show coming up in June in Sidney, NY. He is currently accepting new patients at the Family Health Clinic in Susquehanna. To schedule an appointment please call (570) 853-3114.






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